Clinical Director

Dr. Bedard is the founder and owner of Delta Behavior Services. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the doctoral level specializing in providing ABA services to adults and children with complex behavioral needs. Additionally, Dr. Bedard has is continuously involved in research to develop interventions for the behaviors of concern for children with complex genetic and neurodevelopmental diagnoses, to develop skills training protocols to help kids with diverse needs learn vital skills, and to develop meaningful interventions for parental stress. 


Dr. Bedard has over five years of experience working in an intensive behavior residential program for adults with developmental disabilities, and eight years total working with people with PWS. She is passionate about disseminating information on behavior analysis to help improve the lives of children and adults with diverse diagnoses. Dr. Bedard has devoted her professional career to working both with individuals with severe or complex behavior problems, including those with complex medical and psychiatric co-morbid diagnoses. In addition, she is an ardent supporter of early intervention for children with complex behavioral needs, and a powerful ally for helping secure ABA services for these kids.

Dr. Bedard firmly believes in individualized, person-centered interventions to promote meaningful, lasting change. Her passion and creativity make her a strong advocate for the individuals she serves.