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Delta Behavior Services

Creating Meaningful Change


To Delta Behavior Services, where we provide Behavior-Analytic resources to families of children with PWS!

About Us

Delta Behavior Services was founded on the idea of providing creative, reinforcement-based solutions to help our clients achieve happiness, fulfillment, and independence. We currently partner with the University of Florida's Pediatric Endocrinology Department to provide free behavior analytic support for families and other caregivers who support people with PWS.


We believe that reinforcement and skills training are the most powerful modalities of change. Our approach includes helping caregivers learn the skills they need to develop a strong and highly personalized system to reinforce appropriate behavior, while simultaneously teaching the adaptive skills necessary for long-term success. We encourage training and involvement for all those supporting their loved ones. With these skills will come peace of mind in knowing they can handle any situation.


Support for Families

Remote caregiver training groups and free clinics are available for families and caregivers of people with PWS of all ages.

Support for Professionals

Have a question about PWS? We are happy to collaborate with professionals including behavioral and educational staff on any PWS related issue.

IEP Support

We offer assistance navigating the IEP process specific to accessing the supports needed for your child's behavioral needs.


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